What is a blogging platform?

A blogging platform is a software and server that help to maintain all data of bloggers and craters. to publish on the internet in the form of a website, pic, music, video or audio, etc.

the blogging platform mad for users and they help to crate and publish their content in a form of a blog or website. In all of this case, the most important thing is that the content of carter’s publishes they shown in reverse chronological order. Its means the frequent additions to the website or blog are shown first.

How to Blogging Platforms Work

Blogging platforms are made for publishers or craters or bloggers they allow the craters or publishers to post and public their data. this is a server and software they allow peoples to publish content with tag content and specific categories. they are given many options to making content easier to search for all posts on-topic within the blog or website. you can post your content with multiple keywords as another way to search for single topics.

Now in this time blogging is continuously improve and upgrading there are many options for building a website. today most of the website build on CMS this is a content management system they help to crate both carte regular web pages and blog types pages.
on the internet, most of the websites based on CMS like WordPress or other open-source software. WordPress allows for the creation of many types of websites and blogs and static pages and easily update regularly.

Types of Blogging Platforms

On market, many companies give grate offers paid and free both to build a website or blog and publish your content and host a blog. some most popular free blogging platforms included blogger, Weebly WordPress, Tumblr, and medium.
If you want to publish your personal information and knowledge and share your life journey so the best option for you is a free blogging platform like Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, medium, and others, etc.

But if you want to make money and to build a brand blog or website so I highly recommend that you avoid these free blogging platforms and pay to use a personal hosting and install WordPress CMS this means you get your hosting account and install your WordPress on your domain and hosting on this your complete control over what you want.

Advantages of Paid Blogging Platforms

One of the biggest advantages of using a paid blogging platform is that you can make a custom blog or website. and optimizing your blog for the search engines. if you want to rank your blog on search engines like google bing yahoo so you need to buy a paid blogging platforms. buy a hosting and install CMS wp and customize and option your blog for users and search engines.

Many blogging platforms will have fields to include metadata that helps to ell the search engines what about your website or blog this information usually includes in title description and tags and some related keywords. if you buy a hosting and install WordPress there are many free plugins to optimizing your blog for search engines easily.

if you want to get free traffic from search engines so publish high-quality and unique content on regular basis. but first of all, you need a paid blogging platforms. buy a self-hosting and publish your content on your self-hosting.
There are many options to make online on blogging you can sell your ebook your paid services and many other ways to use a blog to make money online.

one thing keeps in mind when you start with free blogging platforms that allowed you to use your blog for personal use, not for business and online make money purposes. if want and plan to earn money with the help of your blog or website so you need to self-hosting that allows you to commercial use or personal use your blog on self-hosting and earn money because on this account you have full control.


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