What is a Blog or website Domain Name?

What is a Blog or website Domain Name?

Blogging Mean Cunintusly update and regularly provide content to your readers and viewers. a blog is not only one thing they depend on the domain and hosting if you want to make a pro blog for yourself and your brand and company. so you need first a domain name and 2nd hosting. a domain name is the unique web address of your blog and website they help to directs access to your website or blog.

The domain name is the most important part of your blog without domain name websites like that have no identity on the internet because there are millions of websites and blogs. a domain name is the same as your home address.

What is a Domain Name?

A website work on two things one is domain name and 2nd is hosting you know the domain name is your blog web address and hosting means a server that provides your hardware and software that help to display your content on google. web hosting store you’re all files and that for your website. and they work actively without delay of one second is called hosting.

But the domain name is your website address like your home address. any one type you are domain name in Google or another search engine for example www.yoursite.com so they go to your website. all websites and blogs on the internet have a unique web address. domain name plays an important role in your blogging journey they show your website niche category and brand name.

before buying a domain these things keep in mind include your focus keyword and your brand keyword in your domain they show your niche try to find a short domain name because people did not remember so long domain name. Try short and easy-to-remember domain names like Facebook Yahoo etc.

How Does a Domain name Work?

As you know domain name same as your home address any anyone enters your domain name in a search ber your website will b open. but most of the people do not search domain name they search single keyword like weight loss home work out etc if your blog rank on any keyword so your website or blog post-show on google top results.

your date store on your hosting server and your domain manage the date, for example, www.yoursite.com this is your domain but you post 10 post un multi keywords so domain work like www.yoursite.com/yourkeywords your domain link to your hosting and hosting server display all data. your data display the form of text, photo music video, or other softcopy forms. they are all store on the hosting server and the hosting server are links to your domain name.

Which is the Best Hosting?

There are two types of hosting 1st one is free google provide unlimited space on blogger and give a free subdomain like blogspot.com and 2nd one is WP hosting wp means WordPress is an open-source software you can easily install on your hosting and build a grate site. but you create your site on blogger they give you free but there are very limited futures they depend on you which one you select free one or paid.

if you want to use google blogger so you can just buy a domain name and link to your blogger account your site is ready but you want to wp website or blog so you need to buy a hosting and a domain name after buy hosting install WordPress or other your favorite web development script.

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