3 SEO Tip For New Blogger

3 SEO Tip For New Blogger That Can Help Your Online Presence

SEO Tip For New Blogger Every Blogger and crater want to rank his website on google 1st Page but there are millions and billions of website they, not an easy task to rank any website on google 1st page. but in this article, I will tell you some most important things that can help you in batter SEO and Ranking. Most of the people just post articles that do not focus on important points of SEO. What are the most important points in SEO? toady in this article I will tell you the 5 most important points they work for me. so let’s start without wasting any more time.

1. Write High-Quality Content Consistently.

If you want to get audience attention and maintain your bounce rate in google analytics and get a better ranking so 1st most important thing is Your content.

Most people use copyright and spend and translate content this content never ranks in google because google wants quality content they provide there use quality content so if you think to try to use copy spin and translated content so don’t waste your time you will never get any benefits from there.

Good user experience and for good rank, High-quality content most important you remember one thing content is king if you write quality content consistently so you can get batter rank and result in a very short time.  Try to use Google Trends, see in google trend what is in google, and write high-quality content on the present topic. try to solve the queries of the people on google millions of questions daily searching try to answer the people’s queries. update your blog daily.

2. Build Backlinks

On Google billions of websites and pages and billions of URLs if you want to get a better ranking to try to make backlinks.  first of all what is backlinks and how many types of backlinks?

there are main two types of backlinks one does flow and 2nd is no-follow. if anyone ad your post or home page link in their website or blog they called backlinks if they give you do flow so google crawl your website form there website and they give no flow backlinks so just cal backlinks but google did not crawl your website. don’t make just do flow make no follow and do flow both links.

if you make 10 do-follow links so you crate 3 no-flow backlinks. before making backlinks, not important points don’t make backlinks unrelated websites don’t make spam backlinks don’t make useless backlinks. The best way to create backlinks is gust posting.

3. Blog User Experience

One of the most important factors is User experience if your site user experiences are good os you can get better SEO result comper to your competitors. In User experiences site speed is the most matter after that site menu site theme and look any user comes on your site and they get everything very easily without and trouble so your site experience is good.

But most of the sites have no good theme they get much time to load and there has no great content so this type of site did not rank in google. Try to clear your site Niches and topic work on single niche make Catagory make manus show your important pages like Home page, about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc and most importantly try to solve user queries.

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